In a world of hustle and bustle, fast-paced technology and constant personal and professional demands, you need a place to unwind, replenish and return to yourself.  Innovative @ Elle Marie Spa & Salon is the One Stop Shop for all your wellness needs.  We believe taking care of yourself and maintaining your beauty is a necessity, not a luxury, and our quality of services at affordable prices reflects that belief.  Through our partnership with you we will customize each experience you have at the spa to ensure your satisfaction. 

Our unique approach to wellness allows you to have massages, facials, waxing, blow-outs, eyelash extensions, nail and makeup services all in the same place-and even some of them at the same time if you prefer!  We’ve hand-picked the best Massage Therapists, Aestheticians and Hair Specialists at the top of their field, with extensive education and experience, to provide you with exceptional care.

We’ve created a comfortable, relaxing space at IEM where you can remove yourself from the chaos of your day, or stay plugged in with Wi-Fi.  Take your time in our indoor or outdoor lounges and listen to iTunes, shop online, watch a movie, or catch up on your emails.  We’ve made it easy for you to feel good while your life keeps moving.

We look forward to being Your Partner in Personalized Wellness!


Yodi Richeson saw a disconnect in the cookie cutter, traditional chains of day spas and set out to remedy that with her newest interactive day spa in Redondo Beach, Innovative @ Elle Marie (IEM).  From her work as a renowned massage therapist, manager and owner of spas (both overseas and in the United States), Yodi combined the best of different cultural day spas to create a client’s ultimate wellness experience.  In Yodi’s own words, “Our goal is to be the best partner you can have in your pursuit of health, beauty and wellness in an interactive environment that enhances your ability to relax and replenish.  I set out to create an accessible, universal, affordable and enjoyable wellness experience for men and women.  A collaborative space where not only would clients be taken care of based on their needs for the day-the way they deserved to be-but so would the skilled therapists providing those services.” 

If you speak to one of Yodi’s friends or co-workers, they would tell you that she is positive, outgoing, has a great sense of humor and never shrinks from a challenge. 

It seems Yodi has achieved her goal of being set apart from other day spas with IEM’s welcoming, interactive and intensive focus on the needs of the customer-taking customer service and wellness to a new level, “It’s not up to the customer to tolerate what a spa offers, it’s up to the spa to conform to the needs of the customer.”  Deciding to keep her décor light, bright and airy, “It is after all a day spa”, Yodi eliminated the typical, stuffy “quiet room”, opting instead for an inclusive lobby that doubles as the check-in/check-out, waiting area and connects to the salon-like Style Bar.  All of this, along with the deep violet walls and outdoor relaxation area, gives IBL the feel of your best friend’s house-if that house was an urban-chic, one-stop-shop, boutique spa!

IEM mirrors Yodi’s personal and business philosophy of wellness:  A positive, passionate and flexible partnership.  Yodi spent her early childhood overseas and has lived most of her life in the South Bay; she has also lived, traveled and trained in various countries of Europe and Asia. Yodi has her Spa Certification from the University of Irvine and is licensed and insured as a Massage Therapist, with extensive training from masters in her field in everything from Sports Medicine to Ayurvedic and Thai Massage.   Yodi brought her wellness skills to teams training for the Tour de France in Spain and to athletes in the pre-trials for the Olympics.  Yodi now lives in Redondo Beach with her daughters (11 & 18), whom she credits with giving her the motivation and inspiration to create a better world for others through wellness partnership. 

Yodi is quick to point out that without her investors, she would not be able to turn her vision into a reality.  Her goal is to see Innovative @ Elle Marie across the nation and overseas!


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